Rules UK

RHOC 2019

 Organizer:       Racehall

 Participants:   Anyonewith petrolin theirblood.

 Classes:           There will be4 weightclasses in the individually championship and 4 classes in Le Mans


Friday 27/123 Hours Le Mans in the morning


4 Classes, 65 kg. 90 kg 100 kg. og 110 kg. You must be 15 years old to participate. (The only exception is if you have a karting license.) The minimum height is 145 cm. The 4 different weight classes drives with 4 different colors on the neck support on the go-kart. The number of drivers on each Team are minimum 2 and no maximum. There must be a minimum of 3 kart changes in the final, it dosen't have to be a driver change. A complete list of all drivers of each Team must be handed over to the race marshal before qualifying and ALL drivers needs to be present at the drivers briefing.


The first 18 min. are practice. Then 8 min. of qualifying, the driver that takes the qualifying will also start the race, which is 3 hours of Le Mans.


Change of kart will be done in the pit lane where there will be lines with 4 Gokarts, the Team may at any time change, and take the first kart in one of the 2 lanes. The Transponder will have to follow the team and will be mounted on the new kart.  Choice of kart from the beginning will be made by draw.


AFTER : Individual Championship 65 kg, 85kg, 100kg, and 100kgOldboys.

65kg. Remember youmustbeminimum. 145cmtall. Areyouunder12 years old,youmusthavekarting license.Maximumage is16years.

85kg. Remember youmustbemin. 150cmtall, and minimum 16yearsof age. (License drivers aged 15yearsmayparticipate)

100kg. Remember youmustbemin. 150cmtall, and minimum 16yearsof age. (License drivers aged 15yearsmayparticipate)

100kgoldboys.  Rememberyoumustbemin. be150cm tall,andbeatleast35 years old.


Everyonegets 4heats (3 qualifying and 1 final). Eachraceconsists of3 min. qualifying followed byaheatof10min. Intheheats,points areawarded as No. 1gets1 pointand2gets2points,etc. The start position to the final will be the result from the qualifying.

heats. The final will be 12 min. with 3 min. warmup. The result of the final will be the result of the day.

The Maximum number of drivers for each class will be 30, so please sign up in good time.


Flag:             Red:Racestopped, step onthebrakeandholdstilluntil theraceis restarted.


Yellow:Danger/ accidents,slowdown andovertakingis strictlyforbidden.


Blue:Youcloseor blockanotherdriverthat is fasterthanyou, lethim/herpass.

Black/ white: Youhavereceivedawarningandmusttakestopandgopenaltyfor 2seconds. Black: Penaltyduetoinappropriatedriving. Youmustruninto the pit and you are excluded from the heat. (At Le Mans you will receive a 2 lap penalty). If the Team gets 2 black flags, then the team are disqualified


Bluewith red cross:Youaregettingpastwith alap, andhavetogointo thepits.(will onlybe used in the finals and not Le Mans)


Checkedflag: Theraceisoverandyouhavetodriveslowlyin thepit.


Weight:         Theweightindicates aminimum weightyoushould weighwhenyoucomein from theheat or pit stop under Le Mans.

Theweightis incl.everything; equipment(gloves, helmet,etc.)Ifyoucan’treach the minimumweigh, thekartwillbecompensated with lead blocks. Itisalwaysthedriver's responsibility thattheweightis achieved.RHOC's staffmayatanytimetakesamples of drivers.Will younotachieve minimumweight; youwill be subtracted with 15positions from the heat.Thesecondtimeexcluded.(Therecanbemax. 30 kg.onthekarts) Underweight under Le Mans will be punished with 1 lap for every 5 kg interval. 


Trophies:        Therewillbegiftsandtrophies to the3bestineach class.


Importantinformation: Allresultswillbeprintedout,andcanbefindin thereception.